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So you are looking for some information about Morlock Enterprises, and what we do, eh?  Here is a good place to start!   We love to make things that make people happy!  We have ideas for humans of all ages!  As we grow more and more of our ideas will come to life!

There are two major components to Morlock:


1) We make cool stuff for you to enjoy!

These items can be found under the "Product" drop down.  We have frying pans to masks and plushies!  It is an interesting assortment of stuff!  We do venture out and bring out products to various conventions too - check out our travels under the Info drop down!


2) We make cool stuff because you had an idea!

This can be anything from drawing a pretty picture, creating a widget for your larger assembly, to bring your toy/figure/product to life!  We have two constraints - physics and finance - we'll take care of physics while you tackle the finance!  Check out the "Services" drop down for more details!


If you have any questions you can always Contact Us!

Other nifty things to look at:

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