About Us

The Man:

Back in 2005 Morlock decided that enough was enough and he wanted to forge his own path in life.  He looked about him, selected a few key items, packed them in his bindle and set off on his journey to the deepest darkest basement he could find.  Deep in his cave he set up a few crazy machines and began to put together crazy props of his liking.

After filling his dwelling with creations he found he had no space for delicious Eloi – er, Minions.  So again he packed up his bindle and set off to sell the great creations he had.  After many years following this cycle of cave dwelling and selling, he has collected Minions far and wide.  One day his true calling may be realized.  But until then we are stuck with what ever crazy stuff Morlock and his crew comes up with.  Watch out folks, the future is bright, you’re going to need some goggles!  We are here to play.


The Myth:

LT met Morlock on his first journey to the surface at Anime Boston in 2005.  She obviously had nothing better going on, so she followed Morlock around to conventions making sure that all were fed and the creations were organized and well kept.  After gaining his trust, she now manages all the boring stuff that involves paper and rules.  This helps keep Morlock happy and focused on more pressing matters such as a practical every day ray gun, or pocket robot minions.

The talented Jamie Noguchi has befriended Morlock in a way that few have.  As designer and modeler extraordinaire in his own right, Jamie helps tame the cave creations so that play can be had.  Together the duo’s rapport seems to lead down a path of two parts insanity and greatness.  

Like any good Minion, Minion #1 started off seeking sage wisdom and gadgetry from Morlock.  After meeting and basking in his glory, Minion #1 pledged his allegiance and has been around ever since supporting travel both far and wide, tinkering with machinery in the cave without losing any of his digits or limbs, and supplying fire extinguishers for reasons!


Looking to reach one of us?  Check out our Contact Us page!


The Legend:

Mini - Computer controlled router with a 12" x 12" bed.  Mini has been in it for the long haul.  Some times we fight (Mini doesn't like wood... don't put wood on Mini's bed), but we have learned a lot together.  Mini cuts mostly plastic and does detail work on metal.

The Beast - Computer controlled router with a 24" x 24" bed.  When the Beast joined the team we were able to cut more, faster.  It was beastly.  The Beast has been reliable and cuts just about anything we make.  From masks to inserts!

FrankinBot - Printrbot Simple bought off Craiglist in a shade deal that went down in a grocery store parking lot.  Some improvements had to be made... (I can't make this stuff up)

Elliott - Printrbot Metal this prints test parts for our figures.  It is rough, but quick.  When we need something fancy, we outsource.  For now... MWUHAHAHAHAHA

Morlock South - Another Printrbot Metal.  It prints for our Gashapon mostly.  All the bubbles!

Prusa - Prusa - it hates life.  We are trying to help it live up to its potential.  Some days we are winner, other's the Prusa is.  We will conquer it!

Pewy - Pew, pew pew, goes the laser.  We like to get crazy with the laser.  Pewy cuts badges for events, foam for armor, and cardboard for signage and business cards (craziness, right?).  

Bridgeport - Our Bridgeport hasn't been properly named yet. This CNC is large and in charge.  This monster cuts our mold blocks for injection molds, and many other crazy things.  Because it can.  Don't let the Bridgeport's age fool you - slow and steady will win the race! 


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