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  • No Time Like the Present!

    Well, it took me some time to juggle all my responsibilities and get everything together, but it is finally here.  I am pulling the password off the site and we are going live.  There is still much I can work on or tweak, but I finally have product available for sale in the store, so let's get this party started!

    I will update the blog as I update things on the site.  Morlock will start posting here in the new year.  If there is anything you'd like to hear about let us know: Morlock@MorlockEnterprises.com

    In the mean time, check out the site.  Let me know if you have any suggestions: LT@MorlockEnterprises.com



    November 23 2015
  • Dear Diary

    Dear Diary,

    I think I have the major pieces done.  The blog is working (obviously), we aren't ready for video blogging/tutorials yet, so I can put off getting that up, I have a portfolio up, a calendar for easy stalking, the store works... 

    Now the content!  So services is up next!  Products are last because I am moving and I want to get the products up with inventory and I just don't have the space to have everything all spread out while moving to do a photo shoot and count and repackage...  Maybe October.  I hope it is before November!

    Well off to pack for my vacation before the madness begins!


    August 25 2015
  • Web Layout Almost Complete!

    Dear Diary,

    Again I am playing with the code.  I think I am just about done with that.  The layout is looking better.  Content will help make everything seem more useful.  Empty pages don't tell you much.

    I hope to get that done soon so I can turn my attention to the much neglected products!  So time get some content up!  I can't wait until I get to testing!  Must not get a head of myself.....


    P.S. RIP Tripp

    August 14 2015
  • In the Beginning...

    Dear Diary

    Today was a long day.  I got to play in the code, I researched establishing a business in a new state, I thought about taxes.  Man I love numbers and writing!

    I want to keep this short because I have to catch up watching Game of Thrones. I hear this weekend's episode was a good one.


    P.S. I am still not over Tripp.

    June 03 2015
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